Thursday, April 3, 2008


Jace's left hand before the surgery
In the waiting area...sweet boy has no idea what is about to happen to him
His bo-bo
Not being able to use his left hand isn't going to stop him from eating that's for sure!!!

On Tuesday Jace Caleb had surgery at Texas Children's Hospital to repair his webbed fingers. He did amazing. We had to be there @ 6:15 in the morning and he couldn't eat or drink anything. The only thing he wanted all morning was a ba-ba, he would just walk around with his empty ba-ba holding it up yelling MAMMA MAMMA. He was so tired that he would play some and then rest his head on a chair holding his blanket. When is was time for him to go to the OR I handed him to the nurse and he just layed his head on her shoulder, he didn't even cry, as for me, I got a little teary eyed, but deep down inside I knew that he would be ok. I prayed all morning and sang to him so that he would know that he was going to be ok too. The surgery took about and hour and a half and then he was in recovery, he was so tired that he slept in recovery for about and hour before he started to wake up, I just held him and rocked him, when he started to wake up he drank some juice and was trying to get acclimated with what was going on. My brave little boy didn't even cry much he just kept looking at his IV going "Ugh, Ugh" It was a blessing that his whole left hand was in full arm cast because I had a feeling that IV was going to be history if not. About an hour later they let us go home. Jace Caleb has amazed me, he has not been that fussy but I know that I have to manage his pain so when he kept spitting his pain medicine at me I decided to put it in his beloved ba-ba and it seems to be working just fine. Not being able to use his whole left arm has not slowed him down at all, he still is up and down the stairs all day, climbing the step stool when I am not looking and he has figured out that he has a pretty good weapon if his brother ticks him off. He goes back in two weeks for a follow up appointment and to get his cast off. I am so proud of my sweet baby boy and love him so much for being such a trooper. I do have to admit that although we had to have the surgery for his sake I was kind of sad to take away from his uniqueness.