Friday, July 25, 2008


Wow, here I am 5 short months later after having my sweet baby boy, sharing all our great memories we are making with our family and friends. It makes me so sad how fast they are all growing, the other day I ran into one of my brother's friends mom and she asked about how the boys were doing and I found it hard for myself to tell her that the baby was 5 months old, I just wanted to cry. I know that he is my last one and father time is being such a theif. Jace Caleb will be 2 in September and Trace 5 in November, yes, 5 years old. Unimaginable to me. He is so big and thinks that he is too. About a month ago I bought an IPOD touch for myself...or so I thought. I don't even know how to do half the stuff on it that he does and in fact I don't even think that I have even listened to any songs on it. Kace is doing great, besides getting so big (he weighs 15 pounds...which he is bigger than the other two @ 5 months old) he is rolling over in full force and eatting cereal which he loves. He is still waking up at 4:30 in the morning for a little "snack" which I love, call me crazy, but that is our alone time. One day I am going to wish he would sit up with me at 4:30 in the morning. His favorite thing besides the boob is his jump-a-roo. He feels like such a big boy in the playroom with Trace and Jace and gets so excited when he is in it. We are all enjoying him so much and truly feel blessed that he is a part of our family!!!