Monday, May 12, 2008


It has been so long since I have updated our blog...Summer is in full swing at our house. I posted this title right after Kace's surgery (for laryngomalacia) and then that was it so I wanted to updated everyone on how he is doing. First of all I have to THANK EVERYONE for all their wonderful thoughts and prayers. He did better than we could even imagine and I truly think it was the power of prayer. I just know that God was very present in the surgery room with our sweet little guy. Kace went in for surgery (supraglottoplasty) on May 6th and in a little less than 3 hours he was out of surgery, he did so awesome that he didn't even have to have a breathing tube...he completely breathed all on his own, which is rare for the surgery that he had. We had to stay over night in the NICU at Texas Children's and then for several days on the surgery floor because we could not get his oxygen regulated at a level that I felt comfortable with. On Friday we were moved to the PCU because Thursday night his oxygen constantly desated. The nurse that took over on Friday was amazing, she read his report from the night and noticed that his monitor kept going off. She came in and observed him with me and agreed that something was wrong and that he needed more one on one observation. The attending doctor kept insisting that it was ok for him to go home and I just knew that he needed to be on oxygen until his swelling went down, being that his oxygen being so low was the reason that we did the surgery in the first place. The nurse called in the Rapid Response Team after the doctor left and they decided that he needed to be in the PCU because he was still in distress, I am so thankful that the nurse took me serious and was the only one that would listen to me. Needless to say I asked that particular doctor to not come back as nicely as possible. We stayed one more night and his oxygen progressively got better so they let us come home on the 10th, which was David's birthday so that was a nice to birthday present to have all his family home and healthy. As exhausted as I was, we had a party!!! If you know he acts as if his birthday is no big deal and then somehow plans his own birthday party. I just went with it and we all had a great time.