Monday, September 22, 2008


Jace Caleb turned 2 today and I feel that these past two years have just gone by unbelievably fast. It just seems like a few days ago we brought him home from the hospital and now he is 2!!! What??? We had a really great day today, despite the slowpoke at The Picture People, for those of you that go to the Picture People at the Woodlands Mall you know exactly who I am talking about. It took forever and we were in a bit of a hurry after we had already been there for over two hours. I was so frustrated, I usually don't get that worked up but that man did not know what the bleep he was doing (Ok, so now that I am over that tantrum...let's get on with our day)My mom, Trace, Jace Caleb, Kace and I went to eat at the Olive Garden where they brought him a cake and sang Happy Birthday, then off to have our pictures taken with our giggling Elmo chair, that crazy thing giggled all day in the car. Then we came home and sang Happy Birthday again with daddy and the left over cake from lunch. After we had the cake all over us for the second time today Trace and Jace Caleb took a huge bubble bath and made a huge mess and had a huge time and Jace Caleb said a new word that he kept yelling and throwing "BUBBLES" (I keet telling myself as I cleaned that all that really matters is that they had fun right???) We all had a really great day celebrating Jace's 2nd year of life and we all love him very much. HAPPY BIRTHDAY my sweet, full of life, nurturing little boy. I am so enjoying watching you grow and coming into your own. I love you to the moon and stars and heaven and back!!!