Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Here at the Choate house we have been invaded by PINK EYE!!! First Jace Caleb, then Baby Kace and now as of 2 hours ago Trace has it. I have been doing everything possible not to get it but usually after momma takes care of everyone and gets them over whatever it is...momma usually gets it. I asked their pediatrician and she said that it is going around so wash your hands very well and keep the germ stuff close!!!


This past weekend we had a really great time at Hudson Bardwell's 2nd birthday. All the kids played outside in the blowup pools and the huge slide they had in the back yard. It was so nice to watch all the kids have so much fun and it was nice for all the grown ups too. We were able to visit with friends that we haven't seen in such a long time, it was so nice to be able to catch up with everyone and see how all the kids have grown so much (so fast). We really do need to make it a point to do that more often. Here is Jace Caleb (& his binkie) having a blast, Trace didn't want his picture taken and Kace slept the whole time...HAPPY BIRTHDAY HUDSON!!! We love you.