Friday, December 26, 2008


We have been a busy busy family since last time I posted so I wanted to catch everyone up quickly...I find it so hard to post on our blog because by the time that I sit down and finish everything else I am exhausted by the time that I get to our blog (and after I catch up on everyone else's blog and then click on their friends and then friends of their friends and I find myself reading about someones life that I don't even know! I tell my self tomorrow I will post that and tomorrow comes and goes). I really am going to make it a New Years goal to be more diligent in my postings, not only for everyone else but for me to document ours and our children's precious days.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Friday, November 28, 2008


Getting ready for Turkey Day
Kace's 1st Thanksgiving dinner!!!& He ate every bite with no problem...yeah!!!

Monday, November 24, 2008


This is my favorite picture of the day...shouldn't he be in a GAP KIDS advertisement?

My little turkey!!!

Momma, my punkin (pumpkin from behind the binkie)

Hmmm...wonder what they are talking about?

Big Brother Trace


Baby Kace wearing Jace Caleb's cowboy costume hat
Nana, Jace Caleb & Momma with her eyes closed. I'm never in the pictures and then the one picture I do get to eyes are CLOSED...are you kidding me
Jace Caleb with his cherished Aunt Lil

Birthday Boy with Nana & Papa


So many gifts to be thankful for...Elmo was everywhere!!!

Gotta have the binkie

My mom made this cake for Jace Caleb...she always makes the best cakes and is so talented.

The fact that she makes all their cakes is so special...Trace's Power Rangers cake is next!!!


Everyone says that Kace and Trace look just alike but now this is really DeJaVou (spelling???) Trace use to jump and jump and jump till he just fell asleep and I use to just leave him there because he would NEVER sleep in his crib and ALWAYS wanted to be held, this was the only way to get him a good nap and for me to get anything done! The other day I put Kace in the jumper (which he is not as big of a fan as Trace & Jace Caleb were) and as he was jumping he was fussing a little. After a few minutes of silence I went over to check on him and this is what I found...

Sweet Baby Kace...NO, I did not just leave him there, I picked him up and cuddled my sweet little boy and he slept in my arms.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Can you believe I actually took the Halloween counter off almost a month was counting down to next Halloween (are you kidding me???) I promise this weekend my goal is to update our blog so please (if you havn't already given up on me) check back to catch up with the Choate boys!!!

Monday, September 22, 2008


Jace Caleb turned 2 today and I feel that these past two years have just gone by unbelievably fast. It just seems like a few days ago we brought him home from the hospital and now he is 2!!! What??? We had a really great day today, despite the slowpoke at The Picture People, for those of you that go to the Picture People at the Woodlands Mall you know exactly who I am talking about. It took forever and we were in a bit of a hurry after we had already been there for over two hours. I was so frustrated, I usually don't get that worked up but that man did not know what the bleep he was doing (Ok, so now that I am over that tantrum...let's get on with our day)My mom, Trace, Jace Caleb, Kace and I went to eat at the Olive Garden where they brought him a cake and sang Happy Birthday, then off to have our pictures taken with our giggling Elmo chair, that crazy thing giggled all day in the car. Then we came home and sang Happy Birthday again with daddy and the left over cake from lunch. After we had the cake all over us for the second time today Trace and Jace Caleb took a huge bubble bath and made a huge mess and had a huge time and Jace Caleb said a new word that he kept yelling and throwing "BUBBLES" (I keet telling myself as I cleaned that all that really matters is that they had fun right???) We all had a really great day celebrating Jace's 2nd year of life and we all love him very much. HAPPY BIRTHDAY my sweet, full of life, nurturing little boy. I am so enjoying watching you grow and coming into your own. I love you to the moon and stars and heaven and back!!!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Saturday, August 16,

Thanks to everyones kind words about Trace, after reading all of the comments and emails that I have gotten about his horrible boo-boo I was looking at the pictures on our blog and noticed how terrifying they really do look. Eventhough his cut was very serious and quite deep the pictures make it look much bigger than the cut actually is. The cut itself is only about an inch long and the rest going down to his neck is left over blood. They haven't cleaned him up yet. He only needed to two staples and is doing just fine. Thanks again to everyone and sorry that I freaked everyone out, I just knew what it was and didn't even think of what it looked like to everyone who didn't. Lots of Love to everyone!!!

On Tuesday I took the boys to McDonald's in Sterling Ridge to meet some friends and play at the indoor playground, which this is something I very rarely ever do anyway and sure enough something had to happen. Trace was climbing down the angled stairs inside one of the tubes and somehow fell all the way to the bottom. We are not sure exactly what he hit his head on but whatever it was it was hard or sharp enough to split his head wide open. When I heard him scream I thought it just scared him and I would have to calm him down and then he would go back to playing. When I held him I immediately felt that his back was wet and when I looked at my hand it was full of blood that was gushing from his head. The first thought was not to panic because if I freaked out so would he, then I thought with all that blood put as much pressure on it as I could. I was so scared and at the same time trying to think straight. I looked at my girlfriend Tracy and told her that someone needed to call an ambulance. If you have ever sat in an emergency room then you know exactly why I wanted an ambulance, immediate care and immediate entrance into the the ER. She was so great and so helpful...thanks Tracy. Her poor boys were so scared and just stared with their eyes wide open and the ambulance wheeled Trace off. He was so brave but kept screaming "I don't want the ambulance, I hate the ambulance" (which is a word we don't use but at that point he could have said anything and it would have been ok with was just good that he was talking and not disoriented) After we got him into the ER and he calmed down he was telling everyone how cool the ambulance was and what cool stuff it had in it. He was such a trooper and I am so proud of him, he had to have staples put in his head and then they sent us home. Later when we got home I was telling him just how proud I was that God gave him as a gift to me and he said in return that he was proud that God gave me to him as his mommy and that I was the best mommy in the whole wide world. Everyday I think the big man upstairs that I am blessed with the sweetest, most thoughtful gifts that anyone has ever given me and I treasure every moment with them. Thank you Lord above that the only thing that happen to my sweet boy was a few staples...we'll take could have been worse.


Trace and Jace Caleb were at the table the other day playing with their playdoh and this was Trace's creation...all I can say is that he is very artistic and there are a lot of male jewelry designers...enjoy the first piece from the debut collection...

Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Here at the Choate house we have been invaded by PINK EYE!!! First Jace Caleb, then Baby Kace and now as of 2 hours ago Trace has it. I have been doing everything possible not to get it but usually after momma takes care of everyone and gets them over whatever it is...momma usually gets it. I asked their pediatrician and she said that it is going around so wash your hands very well and keep the germ stuff close!!!