Monday, January 5, 2009


It is now a New Year and I have realized that the days aren't getting any longer, in fact they seem like they are getting shorter and my kids are growing faster. We had a great day on 1.1.09. Our dear friends Rodney & Lisa Bardwell came over with their two boys, Steele and Hudson (Lisa, do you feel famous!!!) and we had so much food and so much fun! We ate the traditional New Years meal...except for if you see our house on the Repo list please buy it back for us...just kidding, we are very blessed in that aspect. The boys had a blast, the big boys too. For Christmas David gave Trace is gun that his dad gave him when he was a little boy and they were out on the property shooting the gun. My BABY was shooting his gun for the 1st time and he brought me his 1st shotgun shell and it brought tears to my eyes. I know that we will continue to always have "1sts" with each of them but Trace, I remember his 1st cry and the first time he sat up and exactly what he was wearing and the 1st step that he took. I just can't believe he is SHOOTING A GUN...What??? I think as I get older, just like everyone says, I get wiser to the fact that our children are our lives and to cherish every single second, because in the blink of an eye they are so independent and so receptive to that "1st" without you holding their hand. Here are some pictures of our wonderful kick off to 2009. I hope that you and your families enjoy each day with each other like they were the 1st day and that 2009 holds all your dreams!

Rodney & Steele Bardwell


Ike and Suz said...

Hey Lady! Yes, I am on facebook and totally addicted. Look me up by my email:
also, I have one of your avent bottles and I keep telling Ike to give to your hubby. Should I bring by the store?
Also, lets get together soon.. Georgia keeps asking about the three boys she wants to play dress up (or take off her clothes) for them. ha! Happy New year!

Gringa Living in Brazil said...

HEY Tiffany:

I thought about getting back on Myspace but my husband isn't a big fan = ( So I started this blog and I knew you had one, so I am going to follow ya now..Hope you are having a Happy New Year. How are the babies! I am VERY HOMESICK and tired! Well hope to hear back from ya soon = ) This blog stuff is kinda hard.. Deborah

Tiffiny Hayes said...


I love the pic of David and Trace shooting the gun. What a sweet moment.